Little Bit About Me

I’m Olivia, a twenty-something music therapy graduate student who got a bachelor of arts in music with emphasis on church music. I’ve always loved learning about theology and church music, even when I was a kid. While most of my musical preferences in church lean toward traditional hymns and choral music, my main preference for any type of church music is that it’s well-written. There’s 7/11 contemporary songs, but there’s bad traditional hymns as well.

While I do love church music and the life of the church, my call has been to work as a music therapist. I hope to finish my program in the near future and get certified so I can help people, preferably in a mental health setting. I’ll be posting about music therapy stuff as well as hymns and other Lutheran theology.

Wanted to add this for the record: I find my gifs and images on Google. If you want to be credited for your work, please leave a comment, and I’ll fix the offending post(s). I wouldn’t want to steal anyone’s work.


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